How to prepare a banana and strawberry smoothie.. And its benefits

Person Holding a Glass of Strawberry Smoothie
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Banana and strawberry smoothies are delicious smoothies that many adore. Learn how to prepare it and its most important health benefits

Fresh drinks and juices maintain the health of the body and give it energy, vitamins, and beneficial minerals, and the most prominent of these drinks are banana and strawberry smoothies, and we learn how to prepare them with several recipes, and the most prominent health benefits.

How to prepare banana and strawberry smoothie

Person Holding a Glass of Strawberry Smoothie

4 fruits of fresh strawberries.
Half a glass of yogurt.
The fruit of a banana.
4 cubes of ice.
Sugar to taste.

Method of preparation:

Yellow Bananas and Strawberries on Pink Surface

Put bananas, strawberries, ice cubes, and yogurt together in an electric blender.
Mix the mixture thoroughly until a homogeneous mixture is obtained.
Pour into serving cups and blissfully heal.

How to prepare a banana and  strawberry smoothie with yogurt

Strawberry Shake


A medium-sized banana fruit.
3 fruits of strawberries.
A quarter cup of yogurt.
Ice cubes.

Method of preparation:

Water and crushed ice are placed in an electric blender, then bananas are added to it.
Add strawberries to the mixture, and mix the mixture thoroughly in an electric mixer until smooth.
Pour into serving cups and blissfully heal.

The benefits of banana and strawberry smoothies

Banana and strawberry smoothie has a lot of health benefits, bananas help strengthen heart health, and protect against various diseases, bananas also maintain brain health and help treat sleep disorders, contain a large percentage of antioxidants and help strengthen the immune system, and maintain skin freshness.
Strawberries protect against the risk of cardiovascular problems, help prevent strokes, relieve constipation, and work to prevent the development of cancer, in addition, it regulates blood sugar levels, have the ability to get rid of excess weight, and reduce the risk of metabolic syndrome.
Yogurt in banana and strawberry smoothies, in turn, helps prevent osteoporosis, promotes dental health, accelerates wound healing, normalizes blood pressure levels, helps treat intestinal diseases, reduces vaginal infections, lowers harmful cholesterol levels in the blood, protects against constipation, and boosts the body’s immune system.

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