Celebrities who have suffered from prostate cancer and have triumphed over it.

Man in White T-shirt Sitting on Bed
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Man in White T-shirt Sitting on Bed

November is prostate cancer awareness month, which is called “movement”, as a kind of awareness and awareness for men, regarding this type of cancer, which poses some health risks to their lives, as if preventive measures or early detection are not followed, it can lead to death.

There are a lot of stars who fought this dangerous disease, with patience, faith, willpower, and determination, which made them take control of this disease, not allowing it to steal the most pleasant moments of their lives.
The most prominent celebrities who defeated prostate cancer:

Ben Stiller


Comedian Ben Stiller is among the celebrities who have suffered from prostate cancer, in 2014 he announced that he had the disease and was undergoing treatment, and now he is healthy after a lumpectomy.
Arnold Palmer

Arnold Palmer, a world-class golfer, who made many wonderful and memorable matches, but could not complete his career due to prostate cancer, which he announced in 1997.

There were some other difficulties in the life of Arnold Palmer, he had some problems with his heart, and there was a low probability of his recovery from this stage, but he was able to withstand and challenge this tumor.

Robert De Niro

The World star Robert De Niro announced that he had prostate cancer in 2003, as he became ill after he turned sixty, De Niro said in his press interviews that he was undergoing routine examinations, which he used to do every 6 months.

It turned out to him through examinations, that there was a tumor in the prostate, after analysis it turned out to be non-benign, and from some of them, he immediately began to undergo treatment, which contributed to the rapid improvement of his condition and its non-deterioration.

Sir Ian McKellen

Do you remember the hero of the X – Man films, who had strength, will, and confrontation, as we are used to from him in his film roles, he also really follows these principles.

Sir Maclean revealed that he had prostate cancer in 2012, news that saddened a large segment of his followers around the world, but he insisted on reassuring his fans, by undergoing successful relationships that will contribute to the recovery.

Sir Ian gives some tips for men to prevent prostate cancer, such as eating healthy and exercising on a daily basis.
Roger Moore

The international artist Roger Moore was diagnosed with prostate cancer in 1993, but he was able to overcome it through a surgical operation, through which he removed the tumor, returning to his normal life healthy and recovered

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