8 silent signs of uterine cancer, most notably bleeding and discharge

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Uterine cancer is one of the easiest diseases that can be prevented by performing a routine cervical operation and regular gynecological examinations, and during the next lines, we will learn about the most prominent and important signs that contribute to the detection of uterine cancer, according to the “the healthy” website.

 Vaginal bleeding

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If you have heavy bleeding in the middle of the month or have irregular menstruation, these may be signs of uterine cancer, and vaginal bleeding can occur in postmenopausal women who no longer have menstrual periods.

Exposure to bleeding after intimacy

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Bleeding after vaginal intercourse, medically known as “bleeding after intercourse”, can be a sign of uterine cancer, uterine cancer occurs in the cervix, which is the narrow lower end of the uterus that connects to the vagina. When a patient develops cervical cancer, the cells begin to multiply abnormally and rapidly. They can form a lump consisting of cancerous tissue, and this lump is what bleeds when having intercourse.


Unusual vaginal discharge

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Which are pale, watery, foul-smelling, brown in color or mixed with blood, is a common sign of cervical cancer. It is normal and healthy for the discharge to change throughout the month, varying in thickness, opacity, and opacity consistency. But if you have persistent discharge and it has a different color, or it has a not very good smell, then this may be the result of “dying tissue” caused by cancer of the uterus.

 If you have pelvic or back pain

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It could be due to more advanced uterine cancer, at this stage, the tumor has probably grown so much that it is now pressing on the lower back or tailbone.


Feeling pain during intimacy

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In most cases, pain during intercourse may not be caused by cancer, if you experience it in addition to other possible symptoms of uterine cancer, it may be a consequence of tumor growth in the tissues and genitals.

One leg is puffy

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“Most of the time these cancers are asymptomatic until their pain causes other symptoms, such as nerve compression,” says Dr. Moroni, ” and when the tumor continues to grow, it tries to take out space from the surrounding soft tissue. In doing so, the tumor can compress the nerve, which causes pain., And if such pain is caused by advanced cervical cancer, then it may be accompanied by swelling covering the leg on one side.

Loss of appetite and weight loss

, Like many other cancers, signs of uterine cancer can include loss of appetite and weight loss, the tumor causes the production of small proteins called cytokines, some of these proteins not only suppress your appetite but also alter some metabolism to break down fat at a higher rate than normal, resulting in loss of muscle mass.

Constant fatigue

If you feel more lethargic and exhausted than usual, it could be a sign of uterine cancer, especially if combined with many other symptoms, mainly when there is a disease in your body, it will work harder to fight it. As a result of all this extra effort, your body becomes tired. After that, be sure to find out the truth.

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